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                                                                               ??????????WHAT IS HOWARD FATHER NAME ??????????


Our grandparents were Howard Elliot (Dutch) Sotherden (Syracuse, NY)and Anna M. Faatz (Weedsport, NY.)


Howard Sotherden – born 1898 in ???? died 1967 in Tampa, FL.; Gramps only had 1 sister Erma Thorpe of Minoa, NY she has also passed. Howard was remarried to Gert (no information available) and to Marion (no information available.)

Health issues for Howard: Diabetes, Parkinson, Lung Cancer


Anna Faatz - born 1901 died 1969 in Syracuse, NY; Charles Faatz (Father of Anna Faatz)lived to be 98 yrs old. She had one brother and six sisters, all of her siblings have passed. Anna was remarried to Orin Lobdell (no information available.)

Health issues for Anna: Diabetes, Pneumonia


Howard and Anna had 8 (eight) children:


1) Weston (Dutch) Sotherden - born ???? died 2002 in Syracuse, NY and was married to Mary (Winnie) Winifred (Murphy) Sotherden. Born??? Died 2010 in Syracuse, NY.

Health issues for Weston: Lung Cancer, Prostate Cancer.

Dutch and Winnie had 3 (three) children:


a) Sharon (Sotherden) Rizzo born 1947(Syracuse, NY) still living and     married (year????)to Mike Rizzo - born ???? Sharon and Mike raised Mike's daughter (first name unknown) Rizzo who is now married to Chris (last name unknown.) They have 2 (two) sons Brandon (last name unknown) born???? and Zachary (last name unknown) born????.


b) John Sotherden born ???? (Syracuse, NY) still living, engaged to    Tami last name unknown born???? They are now living in Knoxville, Tenn. (No further information is available.)


c) Jim Sotherden born???? (Syracuse, NY) still living is married    (year)to Joan Gallagher Sotherden they are now living in Enola, PA. They have 2 (two) children - Ed Sotherden - born??? who is married to Lauren last name unknown born??? and Elaine Sotherden (adopted from Korea when she was only 4 months old) born??? This branch of the Sotherdens live in Pennsylvania.


2) Howard E. Sotherden – born 1924 in Syracuse, NY died??? was married to

Mary Veronica last name unknown Sotherden.

Health issues for Howard: Lung Cancer, Prostate Cancer.

Howard and Mary Veronica had 3 (three) children:


a) Patricia (Sotherden) last name unknown born??? no spousal    information. She has 2 adult sons (no details available) and currently lives in Knoxville, Tenn.


b)Barbara (Sotherden) last name unknown born???, no spousal information. Currently living in Santa Rosa, CA. Barbara has a grown daughter (no information available) who has a baby boy (no information available) and her son (no information available) is also married with a little boy (no information available).

Health issue for Barbara: MS


3) Anna (Evie) Evelyn Sotherden Kroft Born 1924 in Syracuse, NY died 1990 in Brandon, FL was married to Marshall Kroft born??? Died 1978/1979 in Tampa, Fl.

Health issues for Marshal: ALS

Health issues: Cardiac, UTI, Parkinson Disease

Evie had 2 (two) children;


a) Mary Irene Gleason Karschner born??? 

Health issues: Parkinson, Alzheimer.

Mary Irene had 4 (four) children:


aa) Robin Bolubash born???

Health issues: Rosacea.


bb) Mary Peters born??? Mary has 3 (three) children (no further information available.

Medical Issue: Reynaud


cc) Sean Gleason


dd) Rebecca O’Mahen born??? Rebecca has 3 (three) children.

Health issues for Rebecca: Psoriasis, asthma, allergies.

Health issues for Rebecca’s children: Asthma, allergies, autism.


b) Philip Alan Monica born 1955 Rome, NY married in 1976 to Vera Louise Reeby Monica born 1958 in Coral Gables, FL. Last known residence: Jacksonville, FL.

Health issues for Phil: ALS, Hypertension, Dementia, Cognitive Disorder. Occupation: US Navy, retired 1993

Health issues for Vera: Hypertension, Arthritis, Skin Cancer, Asthma.

Occupation: Accounts Receivable

Philip and Vera have 3 (three) daughters.


aa) Shawn Marie Monica Born 1978 Tampa, FL Shawn is not married and has no children. Last known residence: Orlando, FL. Occupation: Deli Operator.


bb) Brandi Jean Monica born 1981 in Gitmo, Cuba. Last known residence: Jacksonville, FL. Occupation: Assistant Restaurant Manager. Brandi has 2 (two) sons-Dorian Alan Matthews born 2005. Health issue: Asthma and Johnathan Devin Matthews born 2007. Health issue: Asthma.


cc) Nancy Lee Monica born 1984 in Miami, FL. Last known residence: Jacksonville, FL. Occupation: Deli Operator. Nancy has 2 (two) children-Lexia Michelle Simmons born 2003 and Michael Lenate Simmons Jr. born 2004. Health issues for Michael: Juvenile Arthritis. ADHD.


***Additional Family information for Philip Alan Monica***

Father – Francis Oliver Monica born 1884 in Ft. Covington, NY died 1960

Occupation: Plumber, retired.


***Additional Family information for Vera Reeby Monica***

Mother – Nancy McClaflin Reeby born 1930. Health issues: Dementia, Hypertension, Diabetes, Skin Cancer.

Father – Ellis Alston Reeby – Deceased. Health issue: Cancer.

Siblings – Robert Michael Reeby. Last known residence: Naples, FL. Peggy Ann Valenza who has 3 children. Last known residence: Orlando, FL. Derrick Brian Reeby who has 1 adopted child. Last known residence: Naples, FL. Betsy Furr who has 3 children. Last known residence: North Carolina.


4) Mary Jane (Sotherden) last name unknown born??? Syracuse, NY. Married

7 or 8 times (no information available). Mary Jane has an adopted a son

named Patrick last name unknown, born??? Last known whereabouts- incarcerated location unknown.

Health issue for Mary Jane: Lung Cancer


5) James (Jim) Jay Sotherden born??? Syracuse, NY died 2009 in Syracuse,

NY. was married to Lucille (last name unknown) Sotherden born??? died???.

Jim and Lucille had two children:

Health issues for James: Diabetes


a) Susan Sotherden Prall born??? married to Richard Prall  born??? and

living in West Monroe, NY. No further information is known.


b) James Jay Sotherden Jr. born??? Married to Maria Sotherden born???

 And living in Baldwinsville, NY??? (no further information is known)


Lucille Sotherden had 3 sons by her 1st marriage. Leslie Seltzer of South Carolina, Robert Seltzer of Maine and Richard Seltzer and wife Becky of Lafayette, NY (no further information is available.)


James also has a daughter – Betty Ann (Sotherden) Burrage married to Jack Burrage and are living in Florida. (no further information is available.)


6) Richard (Richie) Sotherden born??? Syracuse, NY was married to Doris last name unknown Sotherden, but they divorced. They had adopted a son

Christopher Sotherden. (no information available)

Health issue for Richie: Complications of Agent Orange.


7) Erma Sotherden born??? Syracuse, NY was 1st married to Chuck Kemp (no

further information is available) and then married to Jim McKay.(no Further information in available) Erma and Chuck adopted a girl Dawn

Kemp who is now 42 years old and not married. (no further information is available.)


8) Donald (Donnie or Sudsy) Sotherden born 1936 in Syracuse, NY died 2004

in Norfolk, VA was married to Mary (Marylou) Louise Cosselman Sotherden born 1939 in Syracuse, NY died 2004 in Norfolk, VA.

Health issues for Donald: Stroke, Dementia, Arthritis.

Health issues for Mary: Diabetes, Dementia, Cancer, Lupus

Donald and Marylou had 2 (two) children:


a) Victoria (Vicki) Lynn Sotherden Fuller born 1959 in Syracuse, NY

and married  1980 to Steven Carl Fuller born 1959 in Richmond, IN.

Last known residence: Anderson, IN.

Health issues for Vicki: Diabetes, Hypertension, Clinical Depression.

Occupation: Customer Service.

Health issues for Steve: Diabetes, Hypertension

Occupation: US Navy, retired 1998, Electronics Technician.


Vicki has 1 (one)son:


aa) Christopher James Sotherden born 1980 in Norfolk, VA. Chris is not married and has no children. Last known residence: Anderson, IN.

Occupation: US Army, Casket Painter.


Steve has 3 (three) children from a previous marriage. Timothy Fuller of San Diego, CA. April Renee Fuller of San Diego, CA. April has 4 (four children), and Robert Paul Fuller of Richmond, IN.     


b) Steven (Steve) Michael Sotherden born 1960 in China Lake, CA and is married to Tammy last name unknown Sotherden born??? in Vevay, IN. Steve and Tammy live in Vevay, IN

Occupation for Steve: Forklift Operator.

Occupation for Tammy: Cashier.

Steve and Tammy have 2 (two) children.


aa) Amber Nicole Sotherden born 1993 in Norfolk, VA. Last known residence: Vevay, IN.


bb) Steven (Joel) Joel Sotherden born 1994 in Vevay, IN. Last known residence: Vevay, IN.


Steven also has a daughter from his first marriage to Josette (last name unknown) Sotherden born??? No further information known.


cc) Jessica Sotherden last name unknown who has 2 (two) children no further information is known.