Ridgelawn Cemetery ,Ohio

    On the west side of Gulf Road, between Ridge Street and Columbus Street,
this cemetery includes what was earlier referred to as the Old Elyria cemetery. 
Burials go back as far as 1817, and possibly earlier.  Within the cemetery are
two Monuments, a large Mausoleum, and one Congressional Medal of Honor recipient.
     The information was compared with an earlier transcript
published by the Lorain Historical Society that was accomplished in the 1930ís. 
The volume is available in the Elyria Public Library.  When information is from
their work, an asterisk is placed at the end of the entry.  This means either we
missed it or it is no longer legible.
     Maps of the cemetery are included.  The map of the cemetery was sectioned
into plots.  The plots on the map were hard to define in the cemetery.  I divided
the map into new sections, using markers we could see and use.

                       Surname                            Given Name                Location               Vet   Birth                Death  


                         SOTHERDEN                 Charles L.                 Y-R9a-3            May27,1867                Apr29,1959     age 92    

                         SOTHERDEN                 Grace Mary                 Y-R9a-4            Jul 8,1868                   Mar25,1954    age 86

                         SOTHERDEN                 Warren                     Y-R9a-5                 1891                           1910              age 19