Columbus, OH,

FOR $750.00 ON 10-25-2009

Set of 6 Vintage Foster Bros Knives in the case. We think this might have been a salesman's sample case. 3 of the knives are 3 gold star. Foster Bros gold star were known as ''The General'' because of gold star rivets and because they were the finest boning knives ever produced.
1. clever/bowie style ... just under 15'' long... gold star
2. 13 3/4'' long... gold star
3. boning knife 10 1/4'' long...has ID# 31EN-6 16.73 taped to the handle. 3 star
All 3 of the gold star knives have the no-slip ridged handles. We don' know but we don't think any of these knives were used. We think, because they have the labels that they were samples. They are in very good condition for their age. The blades could use some cleaning because they have been stored.
4. 15 3/8'' long #62ES-10 slicer 15.26 very good condition and has a stainless steel blade.
5. 15 1/2'' long
6. 14''long
Bonus: Fork and knife that were also in the case. They are not marked Foster Bros, but we will include them because they look like the same well made knives. The extra knife is 14 1/2'' long and the fork is 14 1/2'' long.
The case looks like it is a vinyl (?) and leather roll up case.



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