Mum claims to have ‘Britain’s messiest toddler’ after finding car caked in chocolate

A mum has staked her claim to having Britain’s messiest toddler after a hilarious picture of her daughter’s snack time in the back of the car went viral.

Ami Brunton and tot Lainey Farndale were making the 20 minute drive home from the supermarket when the mum allowed her little one to have some Terry’s Chocolate Orange – her favourite treat – along the way.

But Ami didn’t realise her daughter had nodded off mid snack and found when they arrived home that Lainey had managed to smear melted chocolate over an impressive area of the car’s interior, her face, seat, clothes and the interactive book of 100 animals that she was clutching.

The mum-of-three – who also has Kaci, 13, and Deacon, nine – has joked that the picture perfectly demonstrates why Lainey will be her last child.

Ami posted a picture on Facebook of the destruction Lainey sparked on the short journey, showing most of her face caked in chocolate, and it quickly racked up more than 10,000 likes.

The 34-year-old, from Yarm-On-Tees in North Yorkshire, said: “We were just coming home from visiting her new baby cousin and she wanted the Chocolate Orange she left in the car from visiting Tesco.

“Chocolate Orange is her favourite, she calls it ‘ball chocolate’. We were in the car for about five or ten minutes before she fell asleep.

“I couldn’t believe the mess she made. She really is Britain’s messiest toddler.

“We are still on the clean up of the jeans, they have had one wash and it’s still on so going on a second cycle.

“She’s my third and last child and the picture explains why. I’m glad it has made as many people laugh as me.”

Ami’s viral social media post reads: ‘Looking for Terry…tell him he can have his Orange back.

‘Note to other parents of feral children out there – never give them the Chocolate Orange they cried for before setting off on a 20 minute journey…send help.

‘Also how do I remove chocolate stains from a toddler, clothing, car seat, car window?’