Sunday with Gary Kemp: ‘It’s all got a bit arty in our house’

Early bird or lie-in? I’ve been an early riser for years. One Sunday, very soon, I’m going to set my alarm for 4am, go and sit in my local wood and, if I don’t get arrested, listen to the dawn chorus.

Sunday brekkie? We’ve got a 9-, 12- and a 16-year-old. Our house is like a restaurant with all the different eggs, avocados and pancakes. The battle is getting them off their screens to gather around the table.

Do you ever ditch the kids? We don’t go out much without the kids. Now, we sometimes get a babysitter and go for a cycle for a couple of hours while the kids do homework or watch TV.

What do you listen to? My Genesis collection doesn’t go down that well with the rest of the family. So Genesis, or I’ll try to put on something new like Sharon Van Etten or St Vincent.

Is it a creative day? I’m always picking up a guitar or sitting at the piano. I could be finishing my porridge and find a riff. I probably drive people mad.

Do you exercise? We always go for a big Sunday country walk. The dog – abrown labradoodle called Piper – can’t wait. The kids never want to go, so there’s a long discussion on how they’ll enjoy it once they’re out.

Sunday TV? TV has started to be dominated by our 16-year-old. Last Sunday we watched an Andrei Tarkovsky movie. We’ll watch French new wave, Italian new wave and 50s Japanese movies. It’s all got a bit arty in our house.

Sundays growing up? My dad would take me and my brother to Brick Lane to look at the illegal puppies in boxes or to Chapel Market for apple fritters. One Sunday he took me to a wonderful old Jewish tailor and I got a pair of two-tone trousers because I wanted to be a little suedehead.

Last thing at night? The phone is a disaster. It’s a horrible spirit. So I like to read. My wife reads novels. I read biographies. I’m currentlynow reading about Richard Thompson from Fairport Convention. She’s reading L’Étranger by Albert Camus. That’s what you do in bed at night when you’re middle-class, isn’t it?